Basic Wide Belt with Three Belt

Basic Wide Belt with Three Belt

Heavy duty, high precision for consistent sanding
Surface sanding machine/Calibrate sanding machine
Model: SR-R-RP1300 / SR-R-RP1000 / SR-R-RP700
Applicable for thickness calibration and surface fine sanding of various boards (solid wood, MDF, particle board, etc.) and inorganic boards (silicate cover board, glass magnesium board, anti-fold special board, etc.)


Thickened high-strength fuselage, CAE optimized design and thermally stable steel structure

The weight can reach 5100kg

Platform + modular upgrade configuration

Sanding effect

SR-R-RP1300 before.jpg


20230317162343255 1.png

20230317162344459 2.png

SR-R-RP1300 (2).png

Siemens button  Workpiece thickness adjustment adopts Taiwan microcomputer digital. Push button operation, precise and stable, workpiece thickness electric

adjustment. Front emergency button, can control the equipment quickly and automatically brake.

Siemens Electric Safe, reliable, high-quality, with overload protection function,  CE standards.

The integral structure of the roller body and the pulley is adopted, with stable operation and high precision.

Built-in bearing with 5year maintenance  free.

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SR-R-RP1300 (5).png

SR-R-RP1300 (6).png

German Pepperl+Fuchs photoelectric

Taiwan brand lifting ball screw

Accuracy 0.008mm

Positioning accuracy 0.03mm

Reciprocating accuracy 0.005mm

Adopt the international advanced method to adjust the swing of the abrasive belt.

Convenient adjustment, quick and easy to understand, strong stability.

SR-R-RP1300 (7).png

Motor protection level: IP54 dustproof



Technical Parameters

Technical DataSR-RP1300SR-RP1000SR-RP700
Max working length(mm)13001000700
Min. working length(mm)580580580
Working thickness(mm)3-1103-1103-110
Feeding Speed(m/min)5-305-305-30
Total Power(kw)836448
Belt size(mm)1330x22001030x2200730x2200
Overall Dimensions(mm)2040x3060x21801740x3060x21801430x3060x2180
Net Weight(kg)510044003700

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