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In 2001, MOTIMAC started the research and development journey of sanding technology, and it has been more than 20 years. Headquartered in Qingdao Airport Industrial Park, China, with more than 70 employees and covering an area of approximately 14,400 square feet. It has grows to a global chain of services including one branch office in the United States, one direct office in Vietnam, and 60+ agents worldwide.

 MOTIMAC adheres to the production criteria of quality first and user experience first, providing a total of 15,000sets sanding machines for 9,000+ customers worldwide in more than 20 countries, covering more than 10 industries.. 


Production and operation




R & D models

≈14,400 ft2

Factory area


Customer choice

Motimac is a wide belt sanding machine manufacturer and provide Service and Quality. 

For the past years, our customers grow up with us and keep in tight touch with us. We are partners and friends. 

They choose Motimac because our machine is with nice sanding, low maintain and considerate service. 


For years, Motimac’s sale is ranking 1 in Chinese market. Motimac continue to move forward in pursuing the best sanding technology and innovation. With such, Motimac is outstanding in the sanding industry and striving to create more values for our partners. 

For decades, Motimac focus on wide belt sanding machine only and never stop exploring and studying the new sanding technology. 



How to solve the partner’s sanding problem? How to help them to max productivity? How to reduce the cost and workers? Our research are all start from these and more. 

In 2017 our R&D went to European many times to visit and explore the new technology. Finally and luckily we forged a partership with Italian Tagliabue. This is a significant cooperation. Form this moment, Motimac combined the advanced sanding technology with the Chinese manufacturing.

Safety , Quality, Durability, Economical… have make Motimac be the top sales in China.

In the internet business world, Motimac promoted SAP information management for all parts of the company, office, production , warehouse ,inspection and service. Besides, Motimac developed the modular sanding machine which can increased the choices of configuration, reduce the delivery lead time and reduce the spare part cost. 


Sanding is an integral part of complex wood working industrial processes. But it is very important to the whole chain. Motimac contribute to the quality and to the customer and his needs—solution and service and more. USA branch company, Vietnam office, European agent service were established to serve the clients at 24/7. 

Motimac stick to quality, safe and service and never change. 

Motimac hear our partners’ sanding needs and provide solutions. 

History of the MOTIMAC

From the design team to the workforce on the production side, we are able to meet market demands full speed.


The use of SAP information management system was promoted!

The sanding machine platform + modular product WT was born


Motimac was recognized by Qingdao City Government as "Specialized and Innovative" Enterprise


USA Motimac US branch was established in New York


The company signed a research and development cooperation agreement with the Italian company Tagliabue , which is known as the father of the world sanding machine.


A new generation of S6 sanding machine was developed 


A new generation of brush sanding machine was developed 


The 6S management system was introduced


The third-generation S3 sander was developed.


The second-generation sander --- T-series was developed.


The 14,000-square-meter modernized new factory in place 


Exports accounted for 40% of total production. 



Why We are Trusted by Clients Worldwide

MOTIMAC standard is always above industry standard which make MOTIMAC win the support of our client base through our spirit of cooperation and capabilities in making quality sanding machine