Wood veneer/floor/plywood manufacturers

Enterprise needs

High volume, production line automation, Informatization, intelligence and easy operation, and low failure rate of equipment under high production capacity.


Panel deformation. Diversity of veneer.

Veneer and primer sand through and omission. 

The demand of flatness of product is high under high-speed and aggresive sanding.

Veneer bubbled up due to sanding omission of the substrate material.


WT veneer sander connected with UV roller coating machine to minimize the sanding defects caused by panel deformation from different substrate material. 

With the line connection, it realizes the functions of one-button start-stop, one-button online connection, mode operation, information transmission, and timing reminder for wearing parts.

The conveying speed of the BSG series sander reaches 60M/min. With the automatic flip machine, dual machines connection, double-sided sanding, the flatness of panels is suitable for melamine surface thermally fused directly.  

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Cost savings

The veneer sanding saves more than 20% of the primer filling amount. The automated production line can be operated by one person only. The mode operation is quickly switched and handled. Reduce labor by 3-4 people and the management costs are also lowed.

Efficiency improved

Panels of different thicknesses are switched automatically on the production line, which saves 66% of working hours.

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