Segmented Pad Sander

Segmented Pad Sander

Segmented Pad Sander

Model: MT TRHG1300 / MT TEHG1300 / MT RHG1300 / MT TEG1300 / MT EHG1300 / MT RRG1300V
Applicable to surface polishing of veneer and various boards, super matte and high-gloss primer sanding (required equipment for high-end market enterprises)


Platform + modular design ensures the stability and uniformity of product quality.

It is suitable for wooden doors and furniture and can realize the diversity of veneer sanding to meet various needs (Italian light luxury semi-open effect, zigzag grain effect, ultra-matte, high gloss, etc.).

 Replacing labor can achieve a product qualification rate of 99%.

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Sanding effect

MT TRHG1300.png MT TRHG1300 before.jpg





The 80-section segmented pad sanding block ( the width of each section is 16mm) completely solves the defects from traditional sanding ( defects such as: warping and deformation of the board, the edge of the board swelling from moisture after sawing, uneven color staining, uneven thickness of the board, dents caused by composite material filling, etc.).

the sanding blet is with 3250mm.   Equipped with automatic edge-finding function, the sanding belt is evenly stressed , and the sanding belt has a straight grain effect to achieve the most natural sanding effect of the wood grain , no “S” grains 

The 100% pure rubber jointless conveyor belt imported from Italy. The friction force is increased by more than 3 times , which solves the panel slipping.




MBS full closed loop positioning system .  Repeat positioning accuracy increased by more than 25 times.

German Festo air control system escorts our air control part

Germany Opitbelt timing belt escorts our transmission system.



German Siemens electrical system escorts our electronic control part

German FAG bearings escort our rotating system



Technical Parameters

Technical DataMT TRHG1300MT TEHG1300MT RHG1300MT EHG1300
Max working length(mm)1300130013001300
Min. working length(mm)514(200*200)514(200*200)514(200*200)514(200*200)
Working thickness(mm)5-1505-1505-1505-150
Feeding Speed(m/min)7~367-367-367-36
Total Power(kw)61614242
Belt size(mm)150x5350  1350x3250 150x5350  1350x3250 1350x32501350x3250 
Overall Dimensions(mm)2260x4222x29402260x4222x29402260x3640x29402260x3640x2940
Net Weight(kg)8500850066006600

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