Underside Sander

Underside Sander

Supporting equipment which improves traditional craftsmanship and sanding line connections
Surface sanding machine/Calibrate sanding machine/Planer sanding machine
Model: SUR-R-P1300 / SUR-R-R1300 / SUR-R1300 / SU RR700 / SU RC700 / SU RRC700 / SU RRR700 / SU KRC 700
It is suitable for surface sanding and fine sanding of all kinds of solid wood, MDF and plywood etc.


Equipped with heavy-duty press shoes to minimize the min working length.

Can be in production line with TOP sanding machine. 

Sanding effect






The eccentric spiral steel thickness gauge roller used in the sanding machine is analyzed and designed by the CAE system, so that the surface can be with better  flatness and smoothness, and the height of the sanding roller can be easily adjusted within the adjustment range.

The cantilever beam of the sand frame is analyzed and designed by the CAE system, and the heat treatment process stabilizes the sand frame, minimizes the stress and vibration in the working state, keeps the precision of the machine tool for a long time, and improves the service life of the whole machine.

High-precision , wear-resistant pressure shoe system to ensure that the plate does not slip





The belt automatic cleaning system is adopted to cool the belt while cleaning the belt, which can prolong the service life of the belt by 20%~40% and improve the surface sanding effect.

German brand Siegling conveyor belt, the friction is 3 times higher than that of ordinary belts, and it is not easy to warp or deform.

Motor protection level: IP54 dustproof


SUR-R-P1300 砂架图.jpg

Technical Parameters

Technical DataSUR-R-P1300SUR-R1300WTU RR700WTU RRC700WTU KRC700
Max working length(mm)13001300700700700
Min. working length(mm)350230260390390
Working thickness(mm)10-10010-10010-15010-15010-150
Feeding Speed(m/min)5-305-305-195-195-19
Total Power(kw)9568213434
Belt size(mm)1320×20001320×2000730x1900730x1900730x1900
Overall Dimensions(mm)2175×2976×27272175×2530×27271430x1900x20151430x2400x20151430x2400x2015
Net Weight(kg)73706170210026502650

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